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Mursion In Action

Driven by performance data in the field, Mursion builds customized simulations, aligned to a client’s unique customer service standards. Front-line staff practice how to effectively:

  • Handle challenging customers
  • Wow every guest with exceptional, personalized and proactive service interactions.
  • Demonstrate product knowledge
  • Help customers make deep connections with the brand despite a negative experience
  • Upsell customers to products with a higher margin

Results from the program are staggering. Hotels that received the [Mursion] training experienced the highest short-term gains in customer satisfaction that Best Western has ever measured.
- Bruce Weinberg VP of Operations, Best Western Hotels and Resorts

Project Spotlight
A Flight Simulator for the Front Desk

In 2015, Mursion partnered with Best Western® Hotels and Resorts to help one of the world’s largest hotel chains reach its vision to “lead the industry in superior customer care." Delivered directly to Best Western’s 2,200 properties in North America and integrated into an onsite training facilitated by regional coaches, Mursion provided live virtual simulations to help the hotel chain tackle one of its biggest customer service challenges: problem resolution.

As a result of the training, Best Western experienced an average increase of 5% on problem resolution, the focus of the simulations, and 2-5% gains for other areas of customer satisfaction.

This program also earned Best Western a silver award for Unique Learning and Development Program from Brandon Hall.

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