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Mursion In Action

Mursion’s technology is being used by more than 65 universities and other programs to prepare pre-service K-12 teachers for the challenges of teaching in today’s classrooms. Similarly, K-12 school systems use Mursion to help teachers hone their skills once on the job.

All types of instructional techniques can be rehearsed in Mursion’s virtual reality simulator, including managing classrooms, working with children with special needs, and practicing specific instructional routines relevant to a particular subject area. For example, beginning teachers at the State University of New York at New Paltz practive an inquiry-based teaching model in the Mursion simulator that is helping them learn to foster excitement for science.

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What startled me, as a person who has taught for a long time, is that interacting with these avatars feels and sounds, and is so much like talking to real children... It's brilliant because the assessment permits us to see how the candidates respond to the type of things that come up.
- Deborah Ball, Director
TeachingWorks University of Michigan

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School districts and charter management organizations have deployed Mursion’s platform to provide customized immersive training experiences for teacher leaders, assistant principals, and school principals, including:

  • Improving how leaders communicate with parents
  • Rehearsing how to effectively give feedback to a struggling teacher
  • Effectively facilitating team meetings to improve instruction and address achievement gaps

School districts and charter management organizations are beginning to use the simulator to develop important social and emotional skills, such as grit, in students. Alexandria City Public Schools is using the simulator to build the communication skills of students with autism spectrum disorder.

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Project Spotlight
The Next Generation of Teacher Licensure

NOTE is a state-of-the-art assessment for licensure that evaluates a prospective teacher’s ability to translate knowledge of content and teaching into practice in the classroom.

ETS is planning to use Mursion’s simulation technology on a series of performance tasks aligned to aspects of teaching that are representative of real-life teaching experiences, including leading a classroom discussion with a provided lesson plan and eliciting student thinking about student work and specific content.

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With Mursion’s platform we have a way to provide classroom challenges that teachers find true-to-life
- Eric Steinhauser

Performance Assessments for Teaching Science and Math

Mursion is partnering with Educational Testing Service (ETS) to examine how a virtual classroom simulator can be used to give pre-service teachers more opportunities to practice teaching science and math to upper elementary school students.

They will also be exploring how to provide feedback to help pre-service teachers improve. The 4-year study is being funded by a recent grant from the National Science Foundation as part of an initiative to strengthen the learning and teaching of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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There's a difference between knowing a particular subject, like algebra, and knowing how to teach algebra to a group of students. Teacher prep programs may not have enough opportunities for pre-service teachers to practice the craft of teaching math to a wide array of students, so I'm looking forward to see if a simulation too can fill that gap.
- Heather Howell
Co Principal Investigator & Associate Research Scientist at Educational Testing Service
Licensing Mursion’s Software for Educator Preparation

Visionary faculty at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) are harnessing the power of simulation by designing and delivering custom simulation scenarios in-house. As the first site capable of autonomous rapid prototyping of virtual reality scenarios, UTRGV is paving the way for the next generation of professional learning simulations in teacher education.

By engaging other schools within the university and using their Mursion software license to expand professional development services with nearby school districts, various UTRGV programs are using Mursion to generate revenue and improve student learning.

Elevating Teacher Preparation in Massachusetts

Mursion and MA DESE are partnering to design and embed virtual simulations into coursework in 18 educator preparation programs across the state. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mursion will design four new avatars, including: a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, one middleschooler who has another specific learning disability, an English Learner and a new adult avatar who can be used to practice parent engagement techniques.

Mursion in collaboration with subject matter experts will design 12-16 new simulation scenarios that faculty can integrate into courses. The two-year project aims to serve 1,500 preservice teachers. Mursion is also designing performance tasks that will be used for an alternative teacher certification assessment.

Press Release

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner again with Mursion to further support the use of simulation in our educator preparation programs that give preservice teachers the opportunity to practice essential skills in low-risk settings in an effort to receive high quality feedback and improve their practice before beginning their student teaching experience.”
- Liz Losee, Director for Educator Preparation and Assessment
DESE (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)