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Mursion In Action

Virtual reality simulations for learning will soon be ubiquitous. With Mursion’s customized simulation platform, corporations can start transitioning to this powerful new training method today. VR-based simulations offer:

  • An engaging, efficient, and safe way to learn by doing
  • Practical experiences to integrate new skills into daily routines
  • A window into the performance capacity of a global workforce
  • The ability to assess whether learners can effectively implement essential interpersonal techniques
  • Easy-to-capture analytics that can inform future training plans
  • A customizable platform to dramatically improve how corporations deliver training for sales enablement and leadership development

The Mursion simulation is a highlight of our workshop on influencing skills. Our employees find the interaction challenging and fun. The fact that the participants can’t slip out of the role play makes the interaction more realistic and reinforces the learning. Mursion’s product is a great tool for L&D organizations to have when faced with the challenge of teaching behavioral competencies. - Karen Herbert-MaccaroVP & Chief Learning Officer at athenahealth

We all know that practice … in every new behaviour and skill that we gain … makes all the difference. But until now it’s been really hard to find good venues to practice leadership skills and behaviours. Mursion’s unique virtual reality platform offers a great environment to practice and refine the behaviours and skills that leaders need to develop.- Debra HunterFormer President, Jossey-Bass and Pfeiffer

It’s worth sharing what I experienced in the [Mursion performance intervention] simulation: Emotionally, intellectually and physiologically I experienced the same sensations, anxieties and interpersonal challenges I do with “real” human beings.- Bob NewhousePresident Newhouse Consultants and Former VP Learning and Development at Noble Drilling

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The biggest mistake learning professionals make is thinking that talking about a behavior is the same thing as DOING the behavior. It is not, which is why many learning events are ineffective in the long run... [Mursion] can create lifelike virtual scenarios that replicate the realities of the job in a safe situation...Since the graphics are so realistic, the brain and body get a very “real” experience of practice that actually activates the same neural pathway [required to turn a routine into a habit].- Dr. Britt AndreattaAuthor of "Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Master Any Skill"

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Virtual simulations enable corporations to take live actor role-playing, a training method once reserved for only those at the C-level, to lower rungs in the organizational chart. Applications for this technology are numerous. Simulations can be delivered in workshops, virtual settings, online courses, or re-engagement exercises at a learner’s desk.

This blend of technology and human performance creates a highly realistic training environment that mimics the real-world challenges employees face every day.

All of our simulation scenarios are customized to meet the unique learning objectives of our clients, and Mursion’s platform enables clients to build avatars and environments that match their own customers and brand.

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Project Spotlight
Perfecting the Pitch with Virtual Reality

Mursion is working with two multibillion-dollar companies to design and deliver a sales training and coaching program. Mursion will co-design simulated sales pitch scenarios, in which participants will have to demonstrate strong product knowledge and persevere through common customer objections. In both programs, sales managers have the ability to sign on as observers to the virtual simulations and provide virtual sales coaching to their employees. These simulations will also be recorded and scored and integrated into the company’s Learning Management System.

Crucial Conversations

Mursion is working with one of the world’s largest banks to improve the leadership practices of branch managers.

Mursion will co-design scenarios that ask managers to implement essential leadership skills, such as how to conduct a performance intervention for an employee who is struggling to control emotions or how to coach an employee who is struggling to productively work with another teammate.

Diversity and Inclusion

As part of a two year study funded by the National Science Foundation, Mursion is partnering with researchers from the College of William and Mary to test the efficacy of virtual simulation as a tool for reducing unconscious bias and improving the communication skills of employees when confronting discrimination in the workplace

A lot of what traditional diversity training does is to try and change people’s beliefs. They'll often show slideshows or videos that tell you what to do and what not to do. The philosophy is that if you change people's beliefs, you’ll start to change the way they behave, and that never really works. So we’re taking an opposite approach; we're helping people come up with the behaviors that reflect those beliefs.- Jason ChenPrincipal Investigator for the GEODES Project

Practicing intervening when subtle forms of exclusion (microaggressions) occur can go a long way to create a culturally inclusive organization, business, or campus. We are much more likely to step in/step up when we have gained the confidence and experience to do so. After receiving training on how to minimize implicit bias and microaggresions, Mursion's simulations provide the opportunity to practice what you've learned. It feels like you are there, and your newly acquired skills are called for. Practicing in this way helps to build your confidence so that in your workspace, you are ready when (not if) your skills are required.- Dena Samuels, PhDDiversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Development Specialist